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At CSES, we aim to form a passionate community of computer scientists and engineers at UC San Diego. From tech talks, to social events, to outreach, we have a diverse set of events and activities that appeal to any computer scientist or engineer.

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DeCAF Mock Interviews

Monday, Feb 15 - Friday, Feb 19

Sign up for more info.

Sign up for more info.

In order to help CSE students be ready for DeCAF, CSES will be holding a week of whiteboard interview sessions powered by the community. Students can sign up to be either an interviewer or interviewee. Signing up for either will qualify you for early access to DeCAF. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

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Thursday, Jan 21

11am - 8pm

CSE 1202

Join us in a day-long event where students, faculty, and industry leaders come together for all things CSE! From awesome tech talks to jeopardy with UCSD faculty, CSE Day will be filled with fun events for everyone in the UCSD community! For more info, check out the Facebook event page - we hope to see you there!

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Winter GBM

Thursday, Jan 14


CSE 1202

Join us for the first GBM of the quarter! We'll talk about our upcoming events, how to get involved, and much more. We'll also be providing free pizza! For more information, check out the Facebook event page!

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