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Our Goal

At CSES, we aim to form a passionate community of computer scientists and engineers at UC San Diego. From tech talks, to social events, to outreach, we have a diverse set of events and activities that appeal to any computer scientist or engineer.

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  • CSES Team Member
    Jacob Davis


  • CSES Team Member
    Eric Lin

    VP External

  • CSES Team Member
    Rahul Sabnis

    VP Internal

  • CSES Team Member
    Joanne Son

    VP Finance

  • CSES Team Member
    Joel Sequeira

    Pro-Dev Chair

  • CSES Team Member
    Sean Mcentee

    Design Chair

  • CSES Team Member
    Maxwell Bland

    Tech Chair

  • CSES Team Member
    Niral Patel

    PR Chair

  • CSES Team Member
    Sandra Luo

    Social Chair

  • CSES Team Member
    Nicolas Lama-Solet

    BIC Chair

  • CSES Team Member
    Anthony Lu

    CSE Day Chair


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